7 things to do in Verona: Romeo and Juliet City

12 March 2018 - News

A great thank you to our great fun and new friend Valerie Quintanilla, https://girlsgottadrink.com

she really did an amazing job. We spent one amazing day with her and her husband, discovering the local part of Verona city center.. tasting local products and admiring the landscape from private rooftops while sipping a good glass of red wine..

Below her article about the 7 things you must do while you are in Verona!!

Let’s start with a walking tour!

The city of Verona dates back to 4th and 3rd century B.C., becoming a Roman city in the 1st century. Verona’s 2000-year-old ancient structures remained largely well-preserved until the 19th century with the city walls buffering the historic center from industrial development and railways. However, Verona did suffer notable damage in WWII; post-war reconstruction was carried out with great care and precision, maintaining much of its original structure.


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