tree close up with verona at the back

BEST THINGS TO DO IN VERONA  May 28, 2019  sunstylefiles  0 Comments day trip, food, italy, summer break, tourism, tours, travel guide, wine Verona, the Italian city of romance, the city where Shakespeare’s Romeo declared his undying love for Juliet, the city which was once the stronghold of the Roman Empire, the city that will charm you in every corner. If you’re in Northern…

Why you should book a Verona food and wine tour

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If it’s your first time in Verona or if you’ve been away since at least 10 years I warmly recommend a food and wine walking tour first thing when you arrive in town. This is the smartest way to have plenty of information and help you deciding what to do in the next days/hours. The…

What to do in Verona, the city of love! 3 TOP ACTIVITIES

tree close up with verona at the back

The beautiful town of Verona, northern Italy has been a tourist destination for years, with Mozart naming it as a holiday hotspot. With the temperate weather and gorgeous architecture, it is an ideal place to spend a few days relaxing and taking in the sights. The center of town itself is compact and walkable, with barely any need…

Wherefore Art Thou, Gnocchi-o? Fair Verona Has Another Enduring Love Story

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Romeo and Juliet guide for the “Washington post”! @VICKY HALLETT February 27, 201912:39 PM ET VICKY HALLETT Sebastiano Ridolfi tries on the costume of Papà del Gnoco, or “Gnocchi Dad,” the Santa-esque figure who’s the symbol of the gnocchi-themed pre-Lent celebration in Verona, Italy. Although Ridolfi didn’t win the election to be Papà del…

High level quality of service! VIP program for a couple – aperitif with opera singer

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You want something really crazy??? Enjoy an aperitivo with 2 lyric singers, get a glass of Prosecco and share the moment with your friends. It includes a private aperitif inside a restaurant in the heart of Verona with international lyrical singers. You will have as well the opportunity to arrange private performances with your choice of program….

WINTER food and wine tour with Amarone!

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We absolutely LOVE winter Tours!  Chillier temps make the perfect weather to enjoy delicious, historic local experiences in Verona, the city of love.. romeo and juliet.. The City is a bit more quiet, and there is nothing like walking, eating and sipping – a great way to warm up and rev the metabolism/stretch the legs.   So grab your…

Let’s have fun with the pizza cooking class!!

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After all, one of the best ways to experience Italy is through its food. And what better way to discover Italian food than with tastings, an engaging, entertaining Italy insider… and maybe even a cooking class? Let me ask you: What is your favorite food? Well.. if for first choice your answer is pizza, this article…