Carnival 2023 in Verona: the oldest of Europe!

6 February 2023 - News

Welcome February!

Probably you don’t know about the Carnival celebrations and events yet!

Even though the first city that pops up in your mind when thinking about Carnival in Italy is Venice, Carnival celebrations have a lot of importance in Verona: our events and parades are the oldest ones in Europe, celebrated to this day! 

Dating back to the early 16th century, the “Bacanàl del Gnoco”, the dialect name of the Veronese Carnival, has its beginnings with Tomaso da Vico, a doctor, elected the first “Papà del Gnocco”, today our iconic carnival mask! His original purpose was to donate food and goods for the poor people of the San Zeno neighborhood on the last Friday before Lent, because they were going through a period of famine, where there was no food for the population.

To commemorate Da Vico’s actions there is still a plaque in San Zeno square that celebrates his generosity.

Now, let’s talk about typical food! First of all GNOCCHI, the best pasta dish during carnival! Usually served with tomato sauce or meat ragùs, gnocchi are really popular to have on “Venardì Gnocolar”, the day that celebrates “Papà del Gnoco”. After lunch, there’s always room for dessert, and why not try FRITTELLE or GALANI? These two sweets are different, but equally as delicious! Frittelle (“Fritole” in Veronese dialect) are these little desserts made with eggs, butter, apples and raisins, shaped into little balls and fried! GALANI, that have different names depending on the Italian region that you are in, are thin layers of fresh pasta, that get fried and covered with powdered sugar, a nice little treat to enjoy!

Every year, in January, a new “Papà del Gnoco” is elected as the symbol of the Veronese Carnival, and he’s always “the star” during the parades in the different neighborhoods of the city!

Discover the city with a local, while eating typical Carnival food & sipping a glass of Amarone wine!

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So tasty!!

We can’t wait to welcome you here!

Your Virginia