Visiting Vicenza: the city of Palladio

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Explore Vicenza, the city of Palladio!

Vicenza is known all over the world for being the “city of Palladio”: the great Architect has transformed it in a Renaissance pearl during the XVIth century, and all Palladian buildings have been included in the Unesco Heritage List since 1994.

Our walking tour explores the city old center and all of its monuments, including the Olympic Theatre, the masterpiece of Andrea Palladio and the first indoor theatre in the world. We’ll stroll in the town through its charming small roads to visit the Church of Saint Corona that has hosted for many centuries a thorn from the Holy Crown of Jesus. Inside we can admire the exceptional Baptism of Jesus Christ by Giovanni Bellini, and the Adoration of the Magi by Paolo Veronese.
We’ll walk on by some of the most renowned venetian gothic palaces, until we’ll get in the heart of the city: the Piazza dei Signori with the superb Palladian Basilica and the Loggia of the Venetian Captain, Palladio’s main example of a coloured architecture.