Exclusive private visit at Villa La Rotonda – Palladio

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Group Min. 2 pax

Villa La Rotonda: your private experience with the Count

Exclusive visit at “villa la Rotonda”, with private tour and the possibility to meet the Count of the Villa!

Simply an unique experience!

About the Villa: It is one of the most important Venetian Villas built by Andrea Palladio and certainly the most famous. The construction of the Rotonda began in 1566 on commission from Paolo Almerico and was completed by the Capra brothers, who purchased the building in 1591. “La Rotonda” is the most famous villa of Palladio and the most famous and imitated among the buildings of the history of modern architecture.

The Villa stands on a hill on the outskirts of Vicenza and looks like a Roman temple. It is clear that the plan of the building consists of a central cube surmounted by a dome, while the four equal facades have a facade facing the temple with six Ionic columns, which are accessed by wide staircases.