Wine tasting game in Verona

Quick Details

Test your knowledge about wines through a blind tasting run by a local expert!

This is a small-group authentic experience all about our Italian wine traditions!


Test your knowledge about wines through a wine game run by a wine expert while discovering the most authentic wines of Veneto region.


Recognizing local reds and whites will not be a challenge for you anymore after these informative tastings we will reach a local wine bar with more then 200 hundred different labels of local wines.


Here a real blind tasting set will be prepared with tasting placemats for everyone and dispenser of wine without the labels.


The test consists of describing with as much detail as you can the 6 wines (2 Amarone included) previously introduced and explained. The winner will have his/her own personalized Diploma in Veronese wines + a personal WINE CARD charged with extra tastings/ free aperitif to spent immediately or during your stay in Verona!


How good will you be? So let’s test your tasting skills