Blind Tasting Experience

Quick Details

Test your knowledge about wines through a blind tasting run by a local expert!

Recognising local reds and whites will not be a challenge for you anymore after these informative tastings. The tasting throughout the tour leads to a final blind tasting, where, in ‘competition’ with the others, you have the chance to win a wine diploma.

After meeting with your guide, you head to the first stop, a wine bar nearby, in order to have your first glass of local white wine. It could be Prosecco, Soave, Lugana, Durello, who knows! That’s of course part of the game. Your tour leader and wine expert provides you with information on how to taste this wine and what its main features are (nose, aroma, palate) in order to distinguish it in your final test.

Afterwards, you continue with a nice walk through the Verona historical centre, giving you the chance to admire the monuments and picturesque corners until you reach your second stop with your second white wine tasting in a local wine bar. Important details about the wine features and wine making process are provided by your wine expert, which is certainly useful to keep in mind for your wine test in the final stop.

The third stop is all about red wine. You learn where exactly this wine is from (Verona area would be too generic as an answer) and what kind of flowers, fruits, and spices you can detect if you taste carefully. The final stop is in a very well known Osteria or Locanda, which is a local term that indicates a casual place that is a mix between wine bar and restaurant, where you can always find plenty of wine by the glass. Here a real blind tasting set is prepared with tasting placemats for everyone and bottles of wine without the labels.

The test consists of describing with as much detail as you can the three wines previously tasted plus a fourth new one closely linked with the others. Knowing the exact name of the fourth one is not necessary in order to win the competition; it’s more important to recognise through your senses its main characteristics and, if possible, a nice food pairing.

The winner receives his/her own personalised diploma in local wines.

  • Chevron down What is included:
    • Unusual tour of the historic center to discover the main DOC of Verona
    • Tour leader and expert of local wines available for guided tasting
    • Four different wine tastings in four different wine bars in the historic center
    • Final tasting test
    • Blind tasting kit to take the test
    • Diploma of merit dedicated to the best blind taster
    • Bread, breadsticks, and mini platter of sliced cheeses
    • Mineral water
  • Chevron down What is not included:
    • Food and drinks not mentioned in the inclusions
    • Entrance to monuments