Verona Cooking Class: homemade Italian Pizza Making

Quick Details

Learn Italian pizza making in this Verona cooking class. 

Food plays a central role in our lives, not only for the necessary nutrients but also with its symbolic and emotional value.

Our Verona cooking classes give guests an opportunity to reflect on the environment, a chance to consider better ways to create and to consume food, and finally, to identify how to contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Always a guest favorite, this Verona cooking class shows you the tips and tricks of traditional Italian pizza making. 

Our hands-on Italian pizza making class takes place at our Italian chef’s professional kitchen. She teaches you the art of making Italian pizza so you can do it back home. The lesson also includes instruction on a traditional Italian dessert as well, usually the famous tiramisù!

After your Italian pizza making lesson, enjoy lunch together with a glass of local wine – cheers!