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The Verona Tour: Food, Wine, History

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A cultural Verona walking tour exploring, food, wine, and history!

This Verona tour gives you a unique experience, showing you how local lives while also learning about the city’s history and traditions. Even better? We modify the program to match the seasons. Now, we are starting the Verona holiday and winter season, so the program features timely treats and experiences.

Let’s discover the streets of Verona together! Our Verona food and wine tour offers you a sensory stroll of gastronomic treasures, including old eateries, historic Veronese wine bars, and even ancient stable turned restaurant – once owned by the real-life family of the city’s most famous tragedy (any guesses?) 

Your professional tour leader and wine expert (a Verona native) leads you through the city’s monuments and narrow historic streets, tasting typical Veronese dishes: from classic cheeses and cold cuts to fresh bigoli pasta, or a traditional main course (dishes are seasonal), and more gourmet delights. Enjoy all these paired with delicious local wines. Our Verona walking tour provides so many tastings that it can serve as your lunch! 

Our most popular Verona tour takes you on unconventional stops, like old Roman ruins and the lesser known Piazza dei Signori.

We also ride the funicular railway to Verona’s most romantic view.

In the winter, taste holiday specialities. WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO FOR THE WINTER / HOLIDAY TOUR?

We finish our Verona food tour with an artisan organic gelato or our famous Veronese Christmas pudding – the epitome of a traditional Veronese treat.

Our Verona food tour is more like a progressive lunch, so know that you are getting a full lunch. It’s like two Verona tours in one: a Verona walking tour with a local tourist guide combined with a food and wine itinerary. 

Immerse yourself in authentic Verona, Italy as well as different culinary discoveries in this Verona food and wine tour

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