Foodie walking tour: Verona by the locals

13 March 2018 - News

Today it’s all about Italian food and excellent wine..

No one will argue with the fact that food in Italy is out of this world. Well-made, rich in taste and texture and guaranteed to leave you hungry for more, there’s nothing quite like Italian cuisine. There’s a detailed, fascinating tapestry of history, customs and trends for what you’re eating – so with that in mind, let’s explore some of the key aspects…

When it comes to buying food in Italy, it’s a common trend to choose local markets and stores as opposed to larger-scale supermarkets. The big advantage of the market is that it offers home-grown and fresh produce that’s both healthy and delicious in equal measures.

So.. let’s book your local experience in Verona with your local guide Romeo and Juliet.. We will make your stay just unique.. we will enter into local deli shops tasting fresh cheeses, Parma ham and home made focaccia.. all combined with a glass of red Valpolicella wine, or a fresh Prosecco ..

Have a look below.. and let’s start the walking tour of the magic Verona..