Gift Box 3: the Amarone Collection

Gift Box 3

This is a MUST- have vertical of 6 AMARONE Wines!
Vintages: 2008 * 2009 * 2010 * 2011 * 2012
All the years of excellence of this glorious Amarone wine, signed by Pietro dal Cero.

Today Pietro’s family AIgino, Gian Franco, and Anna Maria all reside in the eastern lands of Verona, the birthplace of their father Pietro.
This special bottle of Amarone is dedicated to him, to affirm their heritage.

The ruby color captivates with its intensity. The fruit is exuberant with a rich black cherry blends perfectly with notes of chocolate and sweet spices. The finesse elevates the floral component and the purple rose. Balsamic notes emerge convincingly with notes of star anise and wild mint. Tertiary elements show hints of Arabica coffee and tobacco.
At the table, find its maximum expression with seasoned cheeses, long-cooked meats, braised meats and game.

The “Ca’ del Frati ”wines are born from a careful observation of the territory and the behavior of the vine, an activity that has now lasted for four generations of winemakers.

AMARONE CA’DEI FRATI: simply the name of excellence!