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A territory that preserves its unspoiled scenic charm, among woods, vineyards, well-kept small towns, and Palladian villas

On the outskirts of Vicenza

The Colli Berici represent the most significant landscape area in the southern part of the Vicenza province. Vineyards follow the Berici landscape, giving way to olive cultivation. As you go up, the woods take over, offering breathtaking views and very interesting walks. The area’s climate is characterized by hot summers and relatively cold winters, with precipitation being less compared to the Venetian foothills and fairly evenly distributed throughout the year.

From vineyards to Palladian villas

From a historical and architectural point of view, the hills south of Vicenza are well known for hosting several villas designed by Andrea Palladio, recognized as the most important architect the Western world has ever produced, along with some of his students and collaborators of the time. Scattered in the Vicenza area and the Colli Berici as a testament to his art, several magnificent villas and sumptuous buildings are the enduring testament of his architectural genius.

The Red Tai

The Red Tai grape variety is considered a symbol of the Colli Berici. It is a wine with a ruby red color, more or less intense, up to garnet. The bouquet is characterized by violet and raspberry notes. It has a dry, soft flavor with hints of wild berries, plum, and raspberry. Ampelography allows us to compare Red Tai to Cannonau from Sardinia, Grenache from southeastern France, and Alicante red (or black) from Spain.

Not only Red Tai

In the Colli Berici, many other wines are produced besides Red Tai: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carmenère are the most relevant among the reds. Whites mainly consist of Pinot Bianco, Garganega, and Sauvignon. The Colli Berici Bianco and Rosso types instead involve a blend of wines from different varieties: Garganega and Sauvignon for the White, Merlot and Red Tai for the Red. Red wines represent about 70% of the total production, while the remaining 30% consists of white wines.

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