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Grazie per essere entrato nella nostra piccola comunità di vino

Questo è il nostro piccolo wine club su misura dedicato al vino Amarone – il grande vino italiano – e alle eccellenze della regione vinicola di Verona.

Vi porteremo attraverso un viaggio del vino unico e autentico, alla scoperta di nicchie e vini “fuori dagli schemi”.

Tutti i vini sono stati selezionati personalmente da noi e di seguito solo da cantine boutique con tutta la filiera produttiva tutta al suo interno

Saremo la tua guida personale del vino, raccontandoti i nuovi vini “Riserva” imperdibili, alcuni vini di nicchia e tutti i vini fuori scatola del Lago di Garda!

Sogni ancora l’Italia e i suoi dolci paesaggi di vigneti? Organizziamo anche per i nostri soci viaggi del vino italiano tailor made e su misura in giro per l’Italia!

Preparati a stappare con noi il meglio di Verona!

Why us?

First of all, this is for us a passion and we are honored to let you discover our land, its wine & food traditions.

As CERTIFIED TRAVEL AGENCY & local guides, we also organize ONLY for our members, tailor-made and bespoke Italian wine travels around Italy * as well as free virtual tasting experiences.

We are physical persons, not virtual ones. It means for any kind of problems, different needs, you can always count on us and contacting us directly.                                                                                                            We keep researching new vineyards, with a strong character of uniqueness

We personally select and taste, every single wine we offer to the members

We customize each wine box, according to the client’s taste, needs, preferences

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams...

Choose your subscription



  • 24 bottles delivered twice a year (the period can be customized based on your need & where you live)
  • To suit your personal preferences, before each shipping we arrange a private call or conversation via email, in order to select and deliver to you, ONLY wines that can fit your taste.
  • Along with the wines of scheduled shipments, you have the possibility to ask for a refill of your fav. wines at retail price
  • Dedicated extra food & wine boxes with limited editions wines
  • Dedicated contents and video sent via email
  • Each shipment will be accompanied by a detailed list of the wines included, description of the winery, tasting notes and cellaring recommendations. These descriptions help to paint a picture of how these wines were born and what it is that makes them each so very, truly unique.
  • Personalized & dedicated assistance throughout your whole journey with us

How to sign up:

Click here to SIGN UP

*All members must be of at least 18 if in Europe or 21 years of age, if in USA


  • Once the purchase has been made, you will need to fill out a quick first questionnaire. Through the questionnaire you can talk about your eating and drinking habits and specify what kind of grapes or wines are you “cup of tea”, plus you will select the subscription you want to join. In the appropriate box, you will also write your best time to fix a personal call with your wine expert.
  • You will be contacted by us, with whom you will interface during the first cognitive call/ chat by e-mail. You will have the opportunity to receive assistance throughout your journey plus you will have the chance to use our travel agency services.
  • During your stay with us, you will receive our newsletter (monthly) with updates and news from Italy, and special boxes limited editions, dedicated only to our members, to make your wine journey with us varied and stimulating.


  • With every new member that you recommend to The Wine Club we will be pleased to offer our thanks in the form of an additional 10% discount on your next shipment.