Let’s have fun with the pizza cooking class!!

15 May 2018 - News

After all, one of the best ways to experience Italy is through its food. And what better way to discover Italian food than with tastings, an engaging, entertaining Italy insider… and maybe even a cooking class?

Let me ask you: What is your favorite food?

Well.. if for first choice your answer is pizza, this article will make you discover something new in the city of Verona. A unique experience you can’t miss.


Welcome to Verona, an example where traditions, gastronomic cultures, old little shops and hospitality meet together and create the myth of the real Italian city.

What is original to do in Verona is to join our cooking class where our chef will be happy to introduce you to the history of this iconic Italian creation.

In a cozy late morning you will attend to a real pizza cooking class, with an excellent pizza chef (pizzaiolo), born in Naples.

Our slogan is: “Hands-on pizza making class with a professional pizzaiolo”



As you know pizza is one of the most famous Italian dish known abroad and worldwide, but have you ever wondered: which is the real Italian pizza, the one with fresh tomato and basil or the American peperoni pizza?

Let’s start together with few notions of history about the origin of pizza.

The most famous pizza is Margherita, this name was dedicated to Queen Margherita, who in visit in Naples with his husband King Umberto I of Italy, fell in love with this particular pizza, made with the color of the Italian Flag: red for tomato sauce, white for Mozzarella and green for basil.

Since that moment this simple pizza is become the most appreciated one.



Flour, water, salt, yeast and sauce. It looks like simply, with only few ingredients, you can make the best pizza ever.

The first point for the real art of making an authentic Italian pizza is to balance the quantity of each ingredients, this is the hardest part, then the combination of delicious ingredients is the second point.

Least but not last, is to have passion for what you are going to learn, in fact more and more enthusiasm you put in, you better appreciate your results.



As I started before, pizza cooking class is an unusual stop to do if you visit Italy.

Take the opportunity to talk and discuss with a real pizzamaker and let you introduce to this old Italian tradition.

The location of this culinary experience is a cozy pizzeria far only few meters from the Arena, the Roman Amphitheatre, in the heart of the center of Verona.

This course will be interacting you in the word of different flours and methods of preparation.

Your pizza-making cooking class starts with the most important part: making the dough.

After learning the art of dough-making and kneading, the pizzaiolo will tell you the difference between different styles of pizza throughout Italy and discuss the Neapolitan traditions, where pizza was invented.

Next up is a lesson in rolling out the pizza dough and creating a vast variety of pizzas complete with different delicious toppings, using only the freshest and best ingredients.

At the end of the lesson you will taste and lunch what you prepared in a nice open-air garden, with an unusual view of the Arena.

Hope this article makes you curious to join this culinary adventure in an unusual cooking class.. hope to see you soon in Verona.