“Discover Verona’s East Side: The Ultimate White & Red Wine Tour – Soave, Prosecco & Cabernet Franc”

“Discover Verona’s East Side: The Ultimate White & Red Wine Tour – Soave, Prosecco & Cabernet Franc”

Total cost Tour - Adult: € 280
Total cost Tour - Youth: € 280


“Explore the Enchanting World of Verona White Wines:

Soave & Prosecco Grand Tour”

Embark on a sensory journey through the rich and complex flavors of Soave wine and Prosecco from the Colli Berici region. Taste the rich and complex flavors of Soave wine and Prosecco from Colli Berici, immersing yourself in a sensory journey that will lead you to discover authentic oenological excellences.

Immerse yourself in the art of wine by exploring the renowned Soave wine and the premium wines of the Colli Berici. Soave, an iconic white wine from the Verona region, is known for its elegance and freshness. Produced mainly with the Garganega grape, Soave offers floral and fruity notes, with a unique mineral character that reflects the volcanic terroir of the area. The hilly vineyards around the town of Soave offer breathtaking landscapes and a magical atmosphere, ideal for tasting this wine with friends and family.

The Colli Berici represent a region of great importance in the production of high-quality wines, especially the renowned Prosecco wine & the Carmenere grape: the Italian Cabernet franc. This hilly area located in the province of Vicenza, in Veneto, offers a unique and diversified terroir that favors the cultivation of different grape varieties, including those used for Prosecco. Prosecco wine, known for its freshness, liveliness, and fine perlage, has become one of the most loved and appreciated sparkling wines internationally. Produced mainly with the Glera grape, Prosecco from the Colli Berici stands out for its fruity taste, lively acidity, and sparkling character, making it ideal for celebrating special moments and pairing with appetizers and light dishes. The vineyards of the Colli Berici offer optimal conditions for the cultivation of the Glera grape, thanks to the mild climate, limestone soils, and sunny exposure. The wineries in the area, with their long winemaking tradition and passion for craftsmanship, produce high-quality Prosecco that reflects the authenticity and elegance of the territory. Thanks to Prosecco and other premium wines produced in the Colli Berici, this region has earned a prominent place on the Italian and international wine map, attracting wine lovers and those who wish to savor the essence of Venetian winemaking tradition. Discovering the wines of the Colli Berici, especially Prosecco, means immersing yourself in a unique sensory journey, made of authentic flavors, tradition, and passion for the art of winemaking.

The grapes of the Berici Hills are born on the gentle hills south of Vicenza, surrounded by woods, olive groves, and Palladian villas. Symbol of Berici oenology are the indigenous Tai Rosso, the Bordeaux varieties Cabernet and Merlot, and Carmenère, while among the whites stand out the interpretations of Garganega and Pinot Grigio. The wines that are born from them are intense, full of character, able to tell the spirit and passion of our winemakers.

During the day, we will visit three distinct realities.

  • Our journey begins at a family-run winery in Soave for a tasting of their Soave DOC wines.
  • Next, we’ll explore an award-winning winery renowned for its Prosecco extra dry and organic rosé wines, set in a 16th-century estate surrounded by vineyards and farm. Our tasting experience will be accompanied by a light lunch featuring local products overlooking the estate.
  • In the afternoon, venture into the charming village of Lonigo for a unique wine tasting session at the prestigious Consortium of Colli Berici within the majestic Palazzo Pisani, a 15th-century gem. This exclusive setting offers a historical backdrop to savor the exquisite wines of the region. Transport yourself through time as you indulge in a sensory journey through the finest wines crafted in this enchanting corner of Italy.

An unforgettable experience awaits wine lovers and enthusiasts seeking to explore the scenic beauty and wine heritage of the Veneto region. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a curious explorer, the Grand Tour of White Wines promises excitement and lasting memories.

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  • Private Transport
  • Certified guide and wine expert
  • Visit of  3 distinctive & unique realities: 2 wineries and the historic headquarters of the Colli Berici consortium where you can attend a real lesson held by the expert in person, on the territory and the wines of the area
  • Meet the producer
  • Unique wine tasting session inside the  prestigious ” Consortium of Collo Berici” at the majestic Palazzo Pisani, 15th century
  • Wine tasted:  Prosecco DOC brut, Prosecco DOC extra brut, Prosecco Rosè,  included wines from the COLLI BERICI Region: Carmenere, Tai, Pinot Gris, Merlot
  • Extra virgin olive oil tasting
  • Traditional Italian light lunch at the winery, based on local products DOP ( seasonal dishes)
  • Discover secrets and techniques of wine making
  • Panoramic stop along the way of a Medieval village, Soave Borgo
  • Bucolic walk inside the private real estates 
  • Learn and try the difference between Prosecco method and Classic method
  • Visit of the heart of the COLLI BERICI: LONIGO town

Prices start from a min of 4 pax.  Contact us to receive the best quotation

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