“La Rosetta” returns to Piazza Erbe

3 May 2017 - News

No, it’s not the old lady walking around the most beautiful and beloved square in Verona, but the authentic and traditional snack used by grandmothers and great-grandmothers to rejoice the palate of the youngest ones – and not only!

Calling it “a sandwich” is reductive, when it is in fact of the most classic of recipes for sourdough bread made only with flour, water and salt, fragrant on the outside and hollow on the inside, ready to be abundantly stuffed with the cold cuts, cheeses and mustards that Veronese tradition is rich of. 

La Gastronomia Ronca 1881, reopened last March in Piazza Erbe 26a after half a century, presents La Rosetta in multiple variants from the simplest, with cured ham and soft Alp cheese(Lessinia) to the most sophisticated “Giulia’s Rosetta” with hazelnut mustard, to be savored in the shade of the famed Madonna Verona statue in the center of the square as per the newest street food gourmet tendencies. As true food addicted entrepreneurs, we couldn’t think of skipping a “Rosetta break” in our Verona Food and Wine tours, as always with the clear intention of rediscovering the past and reinterpreting it in 2.0.