Dream Verona Dream

We will take you to enchanting lands..

There are no rules to follow. It’s just a feeling…
If our tours don’t fit your expectation or you just do not have enough time, we will tailor for you the perfect tour!

We customize your trip to the tiniest details to meet your expectations using our vast knowledge of our country.
Thanks to our unusual and imaginative approach, we will guarantee you an unforgettable stay in style in our lands that will be as unique as you are.

Anniversary and special events

VIP services for couples and friends

Celebrate 25 or more years together with a suitably magical experience..we’ve assembled a collection of wonderful ways to celebrate these milestones. If you need to do something really special,something that no one can offer, something really VIP- do not hesitate to contact us!

Unconventional bachelorette Parties

Unique ideas for great experiences!

Bachelorette Party in Verona? Organize with us a unique experience..Book your cooking class with rich wine tasting and overnight stay in a Country Villa in Valpolicella with your girlfriends!Or again organize a private boat party on our beautiful Lake Garda! Love fashion? Won't you try to have fun with our personal shopper.. she will take you through the Veronese boutiques. An unconventional way to spend a day together with girlfriends and enjoy an unique shopping experience.. We are here to inspire you to travel the way you imagine it in your dreams.

Wedding proposals in Verona

Verona: simply the city of love!

Lovers from all over the world come make your wedding proposal in Verona, under Juliet’s balcony, or in suggestive venues in front of Lake Garda.. Original, romantic, unique and unforgettable under Juliet's Balcony where Shakespeare's "star-cross'd lovers" are reputed to have wooed one another. Lovers from all over the world, come make your wedding proposal in Verona, under Juliet’s balcony, in the courtyard of her house, in full privacy and great cosiness.

Romantic Treasure Hunt discovering Verona

Blessing and renewal of vows

Verona is the town where Romeo and Juliet swore each other eternal love

Verona is an enchanting city, the idyllic scenery for a very special event… Blessings and Renewal of Vows are celebrated in gorgeous Venues! But for once you are in Verona, JULIET’S HOUSE with its so famous balcony is a must for all lovers! We can arrange your best day ever!

Contact us and make your dreams come true

We can create the made to measure experience that you wish

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