The Amarone wine : elected the best wine in the world

19 October 2021 - News, Wine

The Amarone is one of the oldest Italian wines. In the fourth century A.D. Cassiodorus, king of the Goths, described a wine called Acinatico. Probably by chance, the production of a completely dry Recioto wine gave origin to this wine in the past. Having obtained the DOC Controlled Denomination of Origin certification in 1968, the Amarone wine represents a small part of the production of the Valpolicella region. Almost nothing has changed since Cassiodorus’ times and the method of production has remained strictly artisan.

The Amarone is a wine rich of alcohol, glycerol and resveratrol and cannot be compared to any other wine in the world, also as far as longevity is concerned. It has a bright burgundy red color, an intense bouquet and a dry taste and it is a good complement for game dishes, roasts and seasoned.


Only the best and most mature clusters are selected for this wine. The grapes are placed directly onto small open racks and brought to an open sided building where they are dried by the cool breezes of autumn and winter until the following February. Only produced in the best vintages in limited number, it is the result of a careful selection of the grapes, a long drying process and refinement in French and American oak barriques for about 48 months. Final long ageing in the bottle.

Fifty years ago, Amarone was the third most revered red wine in Italy, behind only Barolo and Brunello in importance.

But while the latter two wines have exploded in fame, Amarone has remained a mystery for the most part.

The industry connoiseurs say the AMARONE is mean to be the FUTURE AND LONG-LIVED KING OF ALL WINES.

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