29 March 2018 - News


Verona is a city located in Northern Italy on the same line that goes between Milan and Venice, in fact the A4 highway connects the 3 cities together almost at the same distance one from the other. Verona, with its 260.000 inhabitants (counting only the urban area), is 150 km (about 93 Miles) from Milan and 120 km (about 74,5 miles) from Venice.

As most of the very important and historical city centers in Italy and in all old Europe was founded by the Romans in 174 B.C. and annexed to the Roman Republic in 49 B.C.

Since that time the importance of Verona’s strategic position was recognized by every dominions all over the centuries, that’s why even nowadays we could consider the city the best location in order to visit the entire Northern and Center Italy.

Let’s discover through the most frequently “Hows” questions, why Verona was so strategic for Romans, Venetians, French and Austrian rulers during its history and why this position is even more important now especially for Italy’s new visitors.


Well, Verona historical center itself requires maximum a couple of days (48 hours) in order to fully enjoy its monuments, try a unique acoustic experience during a Concert inside the Arena (the Roman anphitheatre, used for gladiators games and now International Opera House) that hosted many international artists such as the ColdPlay, the Pink Floyd, Adele and the Opera Festival, taste the local food in a couple of local “Hosteria”, the traditional name that indicates a non formal restaurant where you can order wines by the glass perfectly pared with local dishes and, if you still have time, visit a museum or an art show.


Verona city centre is only 8 km (less than 5 miles) from the starting point of Valpolicella Classica, one of the Italian most important wine region, so it certainly worth an half a day tour among vineyards and wineries, better if you don’t drive by yourself as all the Valpolicella reds have minimum 13-14% alcohol and the alcohol test check made by local Police are quite common especially during the spring-summer season.

Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy, is 30 km (about 18,6 miles) from Verona city centre and with its very temperate micro climate is considered the northern area in all Europe where you can still find Lemon and Olive trees growing.

A full day tour among Bardolino village, a winery visit in order to discover Bardolino wines (Rose’ and sparkling Rose’ is the perfect “aperitivo” wine in summer), an olive oil tasting or an entire day spent in Gardaland, the amusement park for excellence, if you have kids definitely worth it all.

On the east side of Verona looking in the direction of Venice, you’ll find a Medieval castle on top of a not too high hill. You can easily see it also by the High way A4 on your right side if you arrive from Venice. This is a unique real Italian Borgo named Soave, famous for its castle, its medieval walls (all original) and of course its white wines. The visit of the Borgo, the castle and at least one or two wineries requires maybe more than half a day tour depending on how fast you drink and walk.

So if you consider 2 full days in Verona, half a day in Valpolicella, 1 day in Bardolino – Lake Garda and another 5/6 hours in Soave, the Visit of Verona and its surroundings would definitely take you not less than 4 days.


Venice, as Verona, is located in Veneto region but it belongs to the world thaks to the uniqueness of its structure, architecture and of course history, as well as unique are Venice’s prices. Yes Venice is not cheap at all and if you check restaurants and hotels prices you’ll certainly proof my words.

That’s why I warmly suggest to stay in Verona at more affordable rates and spend a full day in Venice. As Venice is only 120 km (about 74,5 miles) away from Verona, you can easily reach it by train by Verona Porta Nuova Train Station. Almost every 20 minutes from 5 am till 10 pm you’ll find a train to Venice, the trip can vary from 1.10 hours until 2.20 hours.

I warmly suggest the half way, 1 hour and 27 minutes for the “Regionale Veloce” that costs only 9 euros (one way) and there is no need to book in advance.

Once you are in Venice you arrive right in the heart of this uniqueness city entirely built on small islands and you don’t need to spend a fortune for Car Park (Venice car park in Piazzale Roma is one of the most expensive in Italy) or water taxi but you can easily walk all day (I suggest to wear the most confortable shoes that you have) enjoying the enchanting narrow streets and noble mansions and only when you are too tired to reach the Venezia Santa Lucia train station again taking the water bus that costs 7.5 euros (one way) and go back to the fair and cheaper Verona.

And now.. get ready to book your trip and I’ll see you here in the fair Verona!!