This level is meant for those who are true wine lovers, but not sure about what to expect exactly about Veronese wines, this is the right subscription for you. We are here to help you understanding the main wine regions around Verona and let you discover your “cup of tea”.



24 bottles delivered twice a year *

To suit your personal preferences, before the 2nd shipping we arrange a private interview via zoom or e-mail, in order to select and deliver to you, ONLY wines that can fit your taste. 

You have 2 direct calls / or a bespoke advice via email in order to select the best wines for you. If you don’t want this service, we will select for you 12+ 12 bottles of wines.

Along with the wines of scheduled shipments, you have the possibility to ask for a refill of your fav. wines at retail price

Dedicated extra food & wine boxes with limited editions wines

Dedicated contents and/or  videos sent via email

Each shipment will be accompanied by a detailed list of the wines included, description of the winery, tasting notes and cellaring recommendations. These descriptions help to paint a picture of how these wines were born and what it is that makes them each so very, truly unique.



After your call with us, we will prepare your first 12 bottles of wines for you.

You will always have included at least 1 AMARONE DOCG in each box + 1 Amarone OLD VINTAGE during the winter shipping.

All wines offered are from boutique wineries, with important awards, sometimes hard to find even in Italy  and with a story to tell.

  • The first wine box of 12 bottles will be selected by US for you based on the online survey, and shipped after 1 week from your subscription at the club.
  • 5 months later: 2 box. After your call / interview together, we will prepare  your second box of 12 bottles, based on our interview together and based on the first box you have received. 


  • After receiving your first box , you will be contacted by our staff to arrange your personal call or advice via email, in order to select the best wines that fit your taste and prepare together the 2nd wine box.

In case you won’t have this service, we will take care of your box and we will build for you your box!

  • You are entitled to ask for a second personal interview to discuss about wines drank, received, or go in details with some specific wines.


  • You are also entitled to prepare an interview for your fav. wine maker or a specific wine and the expert will answer. it will be a tailor made and dedicated experience with the producer.


  • ..
  • Membership Prices Listed Include Shipping



  1. Once submit to this level, you will fill a quick wine survey.
  2. You will be contacted by our staff .
  3. You will receive the first 12 bottles box within 20 days from your subscription.
  4. After 3-4 months ( depending on your availability), you will be contacted by our staff  to arrange an interview and discuss about wines received.
  5. Together we prepare the 2nd wine box.
  6. The second wine box will be shipped starting from October 1st. ( or after 6 months from your first box).
  7. You will receive the second 12 bottles box.
  8. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO ASK FOR A SECOND INTERVIEW: with your wine expert ( us) or preparing a dedicated interview to your favorite wine maker, about a specific topic or a specific wine. 

If you need to change the date of shipping, please e mail us at least 1 month in advance

During your journey with us, you will receive monthly newsletter with dedicated contents

During your journey with us, you can purchase more of your fav. wine at retail price (REFIL SERVICE).

During your journey with us, you can buy special food & wines boxes with a dedicated discount only for members

During your journey with us, you can use our travel agency services at a special prices + special discounts on our tours and activities that are valid always for 2 people.