Verona city: what to do!

19 December 2018 - News

Looking for things to do in Verona, Italy? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Today we are taking you through our list of seven things to do in Verona. Combine this with our Insider’s Guide to Verona Restaurants and A 48-hour Guide to Verona Travel for the fundamentals of visiting the city.

1. Start with a Verona city tour

The city of Verona dates back to 4th and 3rd century B.C., becoming a Roman city in the 1st century. Verona’s 2000-year-old ancient structures remained largely well-preserved until the 19th century with the city walls buffering the historic center from industrial development and railways. However, Verona did suffer notable damage in WWII; post-war reconstruction was carried out with great care and precision, maintaining much of its original structure.

That said, in terms of things to do in Verona, start by acquainting yourself with the city through a guided half or full day city tour. This makes the most of your time with an introduction to both the landmarks as well as hidden gems (a Roman wall in the base of the shopping mall – what!?)

We recently explored the city with Verona tour operator Romeo and Juliet Guide. It was our first time really digging into the history. We were fascinated to learn that Piazza Bra, just outside the Arena, was once considered outside of Verona’s city center. We enjoyed a visit to the market in the vibrant Piazza delle Erbe – once the location of the Roman Forum and chariot races. Just behind that, they took us to the quieter Piazza dei Signori where you’ll find a statue of Dante that was erected in 1865.

The outing also included wine and food with a sampling of typical Veronese salumi, stortina, made from a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. One of the best parts of that day was the time spent just walking the streets, talking about the architecture and way of life for the locals.

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