Verona during Winter time

12 December 2017 - News

To be fair, Verona anytime is fantastic. It’s like a kind of ‘Diet Rome‘; where history is written in the streets, and the sense you get of how the city has evolved through the ages is palpable – but compared to Rome’s magnificence, it’s cosy, small enough to navigate on foot, and you’ll feel like you’ve really got a handle on the place within two days. It’s quintessentially Italian, stylish, romantic as anything, and the food, shopping and nightlife is all brilliant. So what makes it great during winter in particular? Well…

Verona have teamed up with the Nuremberg Christmas Market, which is the original and most traditional of the Christmas markets, to bring a little taste of a traditional German Christmas Market to the streets and Piazzas of Verona. So as well as still having a full-on Italian experience, you get to buy beautiful German Christmas decorations and crafts while you gorge on proper bratwurst, freshly baked bretzen, and the spicy alcoholic tummy-hug that is good gluhwein. It’s magical. It’s even more magical after a few cups of gluhwein.

Again.. do not forget about Pandoro!!

Pandoro is Verona’s very own special Christmas cake. Pandoro (Pan d’Oro, meaning ‘golden bread’) is a yummy, sweet, yeasty, cake thing, that comes dusted with sugar on top and is traditionally served with a fat dollop of something lovely like mascarpone, flavoured cream or melted chocolate. It’s Christmas, in Verona, on a plate. You can get them in the supermarket, but if you really want to treat yourself (it is Christmas after all), buy one from Perbellini. They cost more than the supermarket version, but good cake is worth paying for.

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