Verona Walking tour: eat and drink as a local

9 May 2018 - News

Nicknamed “Piccola Roma” (Little Rome) for its historic importance, and eternally famous as the setting for Romeo and Juliet’s forbidden love and Dante’s exile, Verona is a city that manages to be both romantic and monumental.

Verona is an atmospheric city that brings together the best that Italy has to offer, this city center can be discovered on foot during an authentic food wine walking tour.

The city of Verona is a great example of a land full of traditions and local products that are very well explained through dishes and wines.

This unconventional tour will make you visit two aspects of our beloved city, the historical part (major monuments and secret ruins) and the gastronomic traditions.

During this culinary experience you will see by close little deli-shops, traditional bakeries, expression of homemade art.

You will taste local cheese from Lessini Mountains and a special salami, called Soppressa, a bit softer and tasty and you will try the best selection of Italian wines, with the great example of Amarone.


The Walking tour continues with panoramic stops like private rooftops and terraces and underground roman ruins, by exploring Verona in this way, you will have a 360°vision of this old city, that means you will literally fall in love with its history and gastronomic treasures.



May be you are wondering why this city every year is more and more visited, well.. the reason is that its fascinating and charming historical center can make your visit in Italy unforgettable.


If you search on Internet which are the most visited cities in Italy, you will find Verona in the first four positions.

Through its historic and economic evolution this city has to say thank to its strategic location and to its extraordinary weather, that provides your time in Verona excellent every day.

Even if you are visiting a different part of Italy, for business or for holiday, every season is a good idea to visit Verona.


Unique in its case, in Verona you will admire its different times: Roman ruins, Medieval buildings, Romanesque churches, Venetian palaces and ending with Liberty villas, more than 2000 years of history in one place, we definitively consider it as an open-air museum.




Appreciated for its glorious past, a real local guide, born and raised in Verona, is the perfect choice to discover narrow historic streets and hidden corners, legends and anecdotes that the majority of people don’t know.

Visiting the city center in five gastronomic stops will relax you and will make you breath the authentic atmosphere that Verona can offer, in our opinion it will be also the best way to taste the different local flavors from Valpolicella wines to homemade polenta, ending with ice-cream or pastry.


Led by your local guide eyes, you will reach unknown parts of the city, no crowded and touristic places, what we really want is to show you only authentic scenery.

This tour includes to take a funicular railway to reach the top of the most important Veronese hill, called S. Peter hill, from here you will admire the whole core of Verona, surrounded by the bank of Adige river, above the Roman theatre and Ponte Pietra bridge, in this unforgettable location you will understand the real soul of this city.


Currently, there is about only one way to discover the magical Verona and being in touch with culture and excellent food, we suggest planning your adventure and make a toast to your next tour with us.

feel local, live local”