Missing Verona?

Welcome to our private wine cellar!

Verona and its surroundings have something you can not describe, you simply have to experience it.

This project born during a very insane period, where due to the covid19, we stopped doing our guides job overnight. But just because you can’t leave your home, doesn’t mean you can’t explore our lands!

We have been marinated on how to stay connected with our clients, building a virtual community where to share happy moments. So we put together our skills and here it came our idea of bring a piece of us to our client’s home, and let them breath the Italian lifestyle sipping a glass of our favorite wine!

Wine is for us true expression of everyday and gone life!

Uncork the best of Verona wine Region and join our wine community to deeply connect with the lands of the famous Amarone wine and beyond.

The future is not written. Everything we build can be destroyed in a few hours. But what remains is the essence, the storytelling of a place. And that is what we want to let you experience!

Every winery we select has a story to tell, and there is so much more to learn then a simple bottle. Immerse yourself in the stories behind each wine and poor with into fascinating places that should be on every wine lovers travel list! We will discover together the excellencies, one sip at a time.


Sara Co founder of Romeoandjulietguide; Local guide, sommelier & professional wine journalist

Virginia Co founder of Romeoandjulietguide; local guide & wine lover


We will bring Verona directly to your doorstep!

  • Our selection focus only on artisanal wines made by producers who export very little abroad. These are wines you rarely can’t get and taste outside Italy, sometimes even outside Veneto Region.
  • All the wines picked have been personally tasted by us! And they represent the real essence of our wine Regions.
  • Guaranteed provenance. The wines are selected at the winery by us. So far, we decided to focus on only that regions where we also tour everyday: Valpolicella, Lake Garda, and Soave Region.
  • Air shipped directly from the winery to your home
  • We’re buying winery-direct
  • We are always available to support you  as your personal wine shopper

With us you sip trust!