From Verona: The Amarone Wine Experience

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Adult 18+ years old
Private Tour per person

Our ‘From Verona: Amarone wine tour’ offers a true education and experience with Amarone wine. 

This Amarone wine tour from Verona gives you a deep exploration of this top wine from Italy and the Valpolicella wine region. Your tour focuses on education on the winemaking process and a vertical tasting of five Amarone wines dating back to 2001. This Amarone wine tasting features a pairing of specially selected cheeses and chocolate of the highest quality from the Valpolicella wine region. 

First, learn about the complete winemaking process of this rich, complex wine in the cellar of top Amarone winery. During the winery tour, you learn about Amarone’s unique winemaking process, known as appassimento. Grapes are dried for three to four months, then slowly pressed, and fermented until dry. The wine is then barrel-aged for a minimum of two years – but, some producers age as long as five years.

After your time in the cellar, experience a vertical tasting of these smooth, full-bodied red wines. We take you through a vertical Amarone tasting of five wines from 2015 to 2001 with a discussion on vintage variation, the flavor profiles for each vintage, and food pairing. Each wine is specially paired with top quality Veronese cheeses and chocolate. 

After the winery tour, enjoy a traditional lunch that features a tasting of a primary grape of Amarone wine: Corvina. Amarone wine is made with the grapes Corvina, Molinara, and Rondinella. But, some producers produce these grapes on their own to make varietal wines. The experience gives you another perspective on the grapes used to make Amarone. The lunch also features a 2015 Amarone wine and the so famous ” Amarone Grappa” to better end your Amarone tour!

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