Virtual wine tasting with samples: An Amarone experience from Verona

6 October 2020 - News, Wine

Ready for a virtual wine tasting class? We’re bringing our top-rated Amarone wine tours from Verona direct to your home. 

There is no sugar-coating it, collectively, and globally 2020 has been tough. And, here in Italy our experience was significant as one of the first places outside of China to be so dramatically affected by the Coronavirus. 

With that, we have been so touched to see the deep love for and longing to return to Italy from all over the world. We are truly humbled by the outpouring and hope to bring Italy to you in a way that lets us continue to share the passion of our land, our region, our wines, and our people. 

Sara & Virginia

Introducing Amarone wine tours from Verona, direct to your home

A virtual wine tasting class isn’t new, but we wanted to make it more…intimate. 

Our goal: to help bring our family-owned Valpolicella winery network together with our clients across the globe, as we do with our ‘real-life’ Amarone wine tours from Verona – a virtual tasting wine with samples, direct from Italy. 

The sample concept may seem obvious but we’re taking it further to give this program life. We don’t want to offer a one-size-fits-all virtual wine tasting experience. So, we set to work developing a virtual version of our popular in-person Amarone wine tours

Virtual wine tasting class

How our virtual Amarone wine tour works:

  • First up, establish the client / group style, interest, and knowledge level. 
  • Next, we work with you to identify the wines and the winery / wineries that best fit. (We’ve had groups do two+ wineries during, making it quite similar to our Amarone wine tours from Verona!) 
  • Then, we work with family-owned winery / wineries to develop a unique virtual tasting experience with a sommelier (one of us!) as well as someone from the family.  
  • We package and ship the wine to you and finalize the details of your virtual wine tasting class. 
  • Finally, after the wine has arrived (we recommend you wait at least five days from the wine’s arrival to open the bottles.) 
  • FINALLY! Virtual tasting, commence! 

What to expect: Virtual wine tasting with samples 

We use Zoom for the big day. The technology has been great, so unless business requirements mandate otherwise, we recommend Zoom. 

Generally, the experience lasts about 1.5 to two hours per winery; if you do two wineries, expect about three to four hours. 

The virtual tasting experience starts with a welcome from the family as well as one of us, then together we take you on a visit to the cellar and / or the vineyards.

To truly delight all the senses, we like to finish with the tasting portion of the program in the vineyards at sunset. 

virtual wine tasting class

Our virtual wine tasting class starts with a winery visit – in the cellar, in the vineyards – led by a family member and one of us, to guide you through the winemaking process in preparation for the tasting.

virtual wine tasting class

A recent program got to see the grapes coming in for Harvest 2020!

virtual wine tasting with samples

Our virtual wine tasting with a sommelier finishes in the vineyards at sunset – an unforgettable tasting experience.

Because it’s all so new, we are excited to continue to build out these programs. Other ideas:

The options are limitless. Please share your ideas so we can build it together (we welcome comments below or just send when you inquire for a program).

Then, when travel comes back, we can experience these magical places, people, wines, and food together. 

We can’t wait for that day. 

But for now, let’s get some virtual wine tastings with samples going. *clink*

Virtual Wine Tasting with Samples:

Book Now! 

About your virtual Amarone wine tour from Verona: 

  • 1 or more wineries
  • Wine areas available: Valpolicella; Soave, Lake Garda
  • Price: $20 / person. The virtual tasting class is free with a purchase of 12 or more bottles from our wine shop.
  • We work with you to develop a wine selection for your virtual wine tasting experience, then, coordinate your Zoom call. 

What your virtual wine tasting with samples includes: 

  • 50% OFF on the shipping fro USA with purchase of 12+ bottles; FREE for Eu,
  • Technical sheets + placemats for your wine tasting,
  • Virtual wine tasting in 1, 2, or more wineries coordinated by us,
  • Wine-maker presence for the whole experience,
  • 15% OFF on all OUR WINE TOURS,
  • 5% OFF on the bottles purchased AFTER the virtual tasting.

And, don’t miss our small, bespoke Amarone Wine Club!

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