Welcome Amarone 2014!

28 January 2018 - News, Wine

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very pleased to announce our newborn in Valpolicella – Verona, the Amarone wine vintage 2014 that will be officially introduced to the public next Sunday and Monday 4th and 5th February during the so called “Anteprima Amarone 2014” (litterally “The Amarone Preview”) taking place in Gran Guardia Palace located in Piazza Bra n. 1, right in front of the more popular Arena (the Roman Anphiteather we all love).

The Amarone Preview will host 71 different wineries this year, each one presenting its own Vintage 2014 plus an older one choosen among the best vintages in the last decade. This means it twill be possible for the wine lovers to taste even 142 different wines during the same event. Not Bad!

The access to the biggest wine tasting in town (if you don’t consider the Vinitaly, a trade show taking place every year in April and hosting wineries coming from all over Italy and abroad) will be possible from 10 am till 7 pm on Sunday and from 10 am till 5 pm on Monday in order to let Bartenders and Restaurant owners (regularly closed on Mondays in Verona) taste the last vintage now available on the market.

In fact Amarone wine, a rich full bodied red , must be aged for about 3 years in oak barrels, must contain minimum 45% up to 95% of Corvina grape and a minimum of 14% alcohol due to the “Appassimento method” a drying process of the grapes responsable for the real preserved red fruit, black chocolate and coffee sensation in your palate since the first sip.

The other indigenous red grape varieties involved in the Amarone wine are Rondinella from 5% up to 30% and Molinara or other varieties grown only in Valpolicela area up to 10% maximum.

These are only a few reason to come to Verona and try this big red next weekend if it’s the first time for you or taste the new vintage 2014 if you are already a wine connoisseur.

Please don’t forget to write me if you need a full immersion in Valpolicella land, I twill be a pleasure taking you into the vineyards and in wine cellar showing all the different process that create such a Great wine.