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Are you planning your summer? Any idea?

Well.. read the whole article and then let us know what you think about our lands.

Let us introduce you the so famous Lake Garda, the biggest Italian lake (surface area of 370 Km2), it is about halfway between Venice an Milan and between the seaside and the Alps.

Lake Garda is a natural border between three Italian regions: Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy.

The name Garda, which the lake has been seen referred to in documents dating to the eighth century, comes from the village on the cost of the same name.

It is the evolution of the Germanic word warda, that means “place of guard” or “place of observation.”

Thanks to its mild climate, this region promotes the growth of some Mediterranean plants, including the olive groves, lemon and orange trees. This natural condition greatly has favored the development of tourism since the end of the Second World War.


You will breath a romantic atmosphere walking around the different villages, the same atmosphere that inspired poets like the roman Catullus, who had a villa, here he decided to spend the last part of its life in Sirmione.

Today visitors can see a ruined Roman spa named the Grotte di Catullo (Grottoes of Catullus).

Sirmione is a fortified town, located on the south of the lake, is one particularly popular destination, that host the Virgilio & Catullo Spa Complexes, the most famous thermal structure of the region, as well as some restaurants, bars, hotels, fashion stores and a market.

The picturesque Scaliger castle dates from the 13th century, and with its drawbridge allows access to the village center.

Another popular village is Garda, that is approximately 30 km from the city of Verona, this village on the coast is famous for its narrow little streets and characteristic houses of fishermen.

Do not forget about Peschiera del Garda, a fortified little town, key point for the development of the history in Northern Italy.

In this suggestive village you can choose to visit Venetian city walls and the old medieval prisons.



If you are travelling to Italy or plan to do so shortly, remember about this destination.

There you will be able to discover local products like fresh fruits, extra virgin olive oil and wine.

We want to open a parenthesis on wine, thanks to its climate this region improved wine production, here you can visit family run wineries and you will be transported to the world of wine.

You will have the chance also to book a tour to discover the region with a local guide, who will show you panoramic views over the lake, boat tours and hidden restaurants.

In these kind of tours, like boat tour around Peschiera del Garda and Experience a full day with a local guide, you will have the complete vision of this natural ecosystem.

Silence and slow life characterize this corner of the world, so we also suggest riding your bike and get fit to explore this beautiful lake.

Every village has a bike rent or better you can organize a bike tour to explore the region on hundreds of kilometers of bike path



If you are looking for amusing and adventure parks, the lake is covered of attractions such us Gardaland, one of the most famous theme parks in Italy, and Movieland inspired by Hollywood Studios.

At the northern end of the lake, the village of Riva del Garda and Torbole are famous for their winds and breezes that attract people who sail, windsurf and kiteboard that’s a real adventure for the bravest.



Lake is very well connected with the city of Verona with different bus services and you can reach Peschiera del Garda also by train from Verona and from Milan.

Last infos, before to meet us, check the service of ferries that connects the two sides of the lake to get a real escape from everyday routine..

We hope to have given you all necessary and useful information to not let you miss this Italian tour.

For any request do not hesitate to contact us.. See you soon in Lake Garda.