Hi Virginia and Sara,

Just wanted to say what  fantastic wine delivery service: so easy to order and very fast.

Ordered our wines on Monday afternoon and they were here with us (in the UK) by Friday morning! Loved our little gift thank you – so useful.

We are so looking forward to drinking them. With every bottle we open, we will be thinking of the fantastic time we had with Sara touring the vineyards and our lovely holiday in Italy.


“Hi Virginia! We wanted to say “Ciao!” and “Thank You” to you for the incredible wine shipment you  sent us last month.  We are sooooo excited! Thank you for everything and for the extra wines! We’ll be  enjoying wine at our new bar and outdoor firepit soon!”

Daniel S.

“Grazie mille Virginia e Sara per l’ottimo lavoro svolto! Apprezzo la vostra professionalità ed attenzione per questa spedizione! Innanzitutto ci tengo a chiarire che la nostra decisione di aderire alla vostra iniziativa ed acquistare del vino tramite voi è principalmente perché volevo aiutare voi e il vostro network locale, in quanto apprezzo i vostri servizi, professionalità e mi sento particolarmente legato alla vostra regione.”

Riccardo P.

“Ciao Virginia and Sara, I just wanted to let you know that our wines arrived safely yesterday evening 😀🥂🍷 Thank you for all your help, we are looking forward to opening our first bottle to celebrate Judes  birthday next week so great timing.”

Alexander M.

“Dear girls, i want to thank you for all your great job! All wines arrived safe at my home door ! I also found your present! it’s sooo cute! THANKS for all your support” finger crossed!”


“Wines arrived all good we are so excited! I only wish we were in Verona to drink it with you.
Say ‘hi’ to Sara.  We bought ceramic house numbers in Lake Garda, so we think of our time in Verona every day.  Ciao!”

Steve W.

Fantastic!  I just completed the link.  We can’t wait to receive the wine.  We had such a great time.  Both vineyards were amazing, and you both did a wonderful job.  What a treat! We look forward to meeting you both with next year 🙂

Jamel R.

Hi Virginia,  The virtual experience that both of you provided from the wineries was fantastic!  All of our guests were so impressed by the entire experience, Thank you so much for all the time and effort that went into this.  I hope it was a good experience for you as well.  We have multiple orders so far and I will start sending them to you today!

Thank you again and can’t wait to see you in person next year!

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With love,
Virginia & Sara