What to do in Verona, the city of love! 3 TOP ACTIVITIES

26 March 2019 - News

The beautiful town of Verona, northern Italy has been a tourist destination for years, with Mozart naming it as a holiday hotspot. With the temperate weather and gorgeous architecture, it is an ideal place to spend a few days relaxing and taking in the sights. The center of town itself is compact and walkable, with barely any need to take public transport. So, come and explore these top 10 sights and activities…

Verona is the town of¬†Romeo and Juliet… everybody knows that. Nevertheless here you will find much more: history, music, theatres, famous wines, excellent food and more. A passionate and knowlegeable¬†tour guide of Verona¬†will help you to make the most of your time in the city, whether it is a couple of hours, a couple of days or a week.

The territory surrounding Verona is also reach of art, history, great food and wines. With our guided tours you will be able to discover the beauty of lake Garda, the wineries of Valpolicella and the middle age castles of Soave and Valeggio.

A sightseeing tour of Verona and its territory will be an unforgettable experience.

Here our top 10 activities YOU MUST TO!


  1. A food and wine walking tour to become an “insider” of the city, with a local foodie guide carrying you through the historical city center..¬†The Tour is a pleasant gastronomic walk through the streets of the historic center of Verona with¬†6 great gourmet stops¬†in old food shops, deli,¬†wine bars and caf√©s, involving lunch.¬†You will follow your professional Tour leader and wine expert admiring the monuments and narrow historic streets, tasting typical Veronese dishes: from classic cheeses and cold cut appetizers to freshly made bigoli pasta, or local main course (depending on the season), and more gastronomic delights, all paired with delicious local wines, providing so many tastings that it can be considered a full lunch. During the tour, you will make some very unconventional stops..¬†https://www.romeoandjulietguide.com/tour/verona-food-and-wine/verona-food-and-wine-concierge/verona-food-and-wine-walking-tour-with-a-unique-experience-of-the-city/
  2. A private wine tour discovering the VALPOLICELLA, the land of the AMARONE red wine! A winery tour is a unique experience that can be done in order to discover new wines and labels or for a special occasion. The villas in which some wineries are housed can be rented for special events, ceremonies, business or incentive tours. In a full-day wine tour, together with your experienced wine guide, two or three wineries can be visited. Unless there are specific requests, wineries are usually chosen among the most characteristic and renowned. A wine tour can be just a winery tour with tasting sessions or it can include a visit to historical sites such as castles, churches, stunning landscapes, charming and tasty local restaurants in the area. https://www.romeoandjulietguide.com/tour/lake-garda-verona-soave-tours/wine-trip-in-historical-villa/
  3. Lake Garda by boat: Together with a tourist guide, discover the Lake Garda, one of most beautiful and fascinating places in Italy, full of history, art, traditions and stories.
    From¬†Catullus¬†(first century b.C.), the romantic atmosphere of the lake inspired poets and artists who lived and wrote about Garda: Goethe, d’Annunzio and Ezra Pound.¬†Winston Churchill, after retirement, spent here many years painting and writing his memories..¬†Boat guided tours¬†of Lake Garda are for sure one of the best options and solution to really enjoy your trip..¬†https://www.romeoandjulietguide.com/tour/lake-garda-verona-soave-tours/sirmione-lake-garda-boat-tour/