Wine and cook

19 March 2018 - Wine


The first seasonal appointment of the cooking class in Valpolicella will be on next Saturday 21st of April in the suggestive Villa Serego Alighieri, a famous family property belonging to Dante’s dynasty.
A full immersion experience is promised in this beautiful scenery while spending the whole evening in a historic villa, surrounded by cherry threes, vineyards and aromatic bushes.

The aim of cooking class is to create a unique moment of sharing passions and socialising with others. It is useful to underline the importance of the sensorial sphere because every sense will be a part of this communicative pratique.
The relationship between food and wine dates back to humans origins, the opportunity to attend this sensorial experience will create a union between guests and host, where spending time in a historic winery and tasting the best Masi wines in an unrepeatable occasion are the secrets of a clear success.
The cooking class is a special moment to learn new cuisine secrets with an expert chef in a professional kitchen. Like in a symposium you will be led in the art of cooking, there will be time to discuss in little groups, exchange opinions and first of all hand on the raw ingredients.
The guests will play with local products and in order be more specified in this program, two main dishes and a delicious dessert will be prepared and tasted during the dinner.
The particular case of this course is in order to live a special and sensorial experience based on local products and fine wines, especially the audience of the real food and wine lovers in the same location.
This cooking class is created to show the special relationship between cooking experience and territory, expression of gastronomic traditions.
Precisely, this moment is the best plan for those who decide to spend a real moment in a friendly and elegant atmosphere and to enlarge their personal knowledge about cuisine technique and gastronomy receipts.
Moreover, the program of the lesson offers the opportunity to visit villa’s wine cellars and garden, ending with an Italian aperitif before the dinner, to which all the guests are invited, where they will taste the results of the cooking class and the Masi wines selection.
Through this experience, guests will appreciate in a deep way wine production, where Masi winery is a memorable example of passion and generations involved in the art of wine, cooking class in Valpolicella is for everybody the right choice to live an unconventional experience, that combines both the techniques of cooking and the research on gastronomy.

So.. let’s book the experience!!