Your subscription starts after the nonrefundable purchase of the mystery box – € 370 – via bank transfer method.

Buying the mystery box, you gain the benefits of being a member of the club.

IF within 12 months from your subscription, you do not order at least the minimum 24 bottles, you forfeit the mystery box and the amount paid (€ 370,00).

Being a member of our club means:

  • Minimum purchase of 36 bottles per year. The order can be split into two orders: 12 +12 or purchase the 24 bottles in a single order; the last 12 bottles are the Mystery box
  • Exclusive access our “limited edition” wine list, dedicated ONLY to the members
  • 50% OFF shipping for a minimum of 12 bottles per order FOR SHIPPING TO the USA
  • FREE  shipping costs for a minimum of 12 bottles per order FOR SHIPPING IN EUROPE

Like any subscription, you decide whether to keep it, suspend it, or cancel at the end of every year. You are free to do it as many times as you want, without costs and without restrictions.

To be part of the Amarone club, every year the purchase of the Mystery box is required.

You have a minimum purchase of  at least 24 bottles per year to receive the 12-bottle Mystery box

With your subscription, you receive:

  1. 6 videos of Italian cooking class lead by our Chef, with 2 different full menus (first course + main course + dessert) based on the season
  2. Technical sheets for each wine bought
  3. The possibility to book 2 private virtual tastings per year at your favorite wineries, led by the winemaker
  4.  Extra wine discounts in special periods
  5. 50% off shipping to the USA for 12+ bottles
  6. FREE shipping in the EU for 12+ bottles
  7. Access to the ” limited editions wines” section
  8.  24h concierge service

What the € 370 MYSTERY BOX includes:

  • 12 bottles personally selected by Sara sommelier, based on what you ordered before, your tastes, and the season
  • The 12 bottles are a mix of blend wines (IGT)  + 2 DOC wines + 1 DOP extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Amarone always included
  • We could include one great wine from other Wine regions, if matched with customer’s tasting
  • The mystery box has a market value of 350$
  • Shipping costs are not included (50% off for the USA/ FREE in EUROPE).

Door to door delivery

  • It takes about 3 working days to receive the wine you ordered (within EUROPE).
  • It takes about 15 days to receive the wine you ordered (to the UNITED STATES).


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