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Every winery we select has a story to tell, and there is so much more to learn then a simple bottle.

Get ready to uncork the best of Verona with us and support independent winemakers! 


It will be like being here, with us, all together

How it works:

  1. Once the purchase has been made, you will need to fill out a quick first questionnaire. Through the questionnaire you can talk about your eating  and drinking habits and specify what kind of grapes or wines are you “ cup of tea”. In the appropriate box, you can write your best time to fix a call with your wine expert.
  2. You will then be contacted by us, with whom you will interface during the first cognitive video call.
  3. You will have the opportunity to receive assistance throughout your journey plus you will have the opportunity to have for free our travel agency services.


  • During your stay with us, you will receive our newsletter (monthly) with updates and news from Italy, and special boxes  limited editions, dedicated only to our members, to make your wine journey with us varied and stimulating.

We are physical persons, not virtual ones. It means for any kind of problems, different needs, you can always count on us and contacting us directly.

We are first of all 2 young ladies who love their lands, their food and wine traditions and who want to share with you all this.


  • WINE LOVERS: If you are a wine lover, but not sure about what to expect exactly about Italian wines, this is the right subscription for you. We are here to help you understanding the main wine regions around Verona and let you discover your “cup of tea”.

REFIL SERVICE: You ask, we deliver!

All ready be our client? Want to purchase more of your fav. wine?

Here we are! We will take care of your order, where you can mix and match your fav. wines! And keeping purchasing them at CELLAR PRICE, so net price.

a 13% of fee will be charged only for our service + credit card fee.