Amarone Classico DOCG Riserva 2009, Venturini


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  • “Corona con Vini buoni d’Italia”


  • Amarone Riserva expresses right from its intense, strong color, the great concentration of material that goes into its composition. It is a wine that requires a prolonged period of maturation and just for that reason reveals its true nature only after several minutes in the glass.
  • The sweet fruit is reminiscent of ripe cherries in spirit, carob, dried prunes and faded violets, but then come the spices, nutmeg and cloves, the hints of musk and underbrush. The mouth is enveloping and thrills for its great power, elegantly restrained by the fine, almost evanescent tannins that reawaken the savory sweetness of the fruit in its long, persistent tail.
  • It is a wine to enjoy slowly, giving it time to reveal itself little by little. We love Amarone, and this Riserva is just the way they wanted it, capable of proving the longevity and positive evolution of this great wine over the course of the years.
    Amarone Riserva is produced only in certain years and in a limited number of bottles. It is a wine to keep for your special occasions.
  • Blend: Corvina 70%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%
  • Alcohol by volume: 16.5% by vol.
  • Food pairing: dark chocolate; blu cheese; roasted , grilled meats


It was in 1963 that, in San Floriano, in the heart of the Valpolicella district, the winery Azienda Agricola Venturini Massimino first made its appearance on the scene. The indissoluble bond between love for the land and experience acquired in years of hard work and devotion became a business that has passed through the generations to the present time: grandfather Antonio and dad Massimino passed the baton ideally to Daniele, Mirco and Giuseppina, each with his or her own skills and interests, one for growing, one for wine- making, one for management. The timeline has lengthened but the history of the Venturini family has continued on its path of passion for the culture of the area and respect for the knowledge inherited from those who lived its history.

“Devotion and passion are an everyday experience, living as we do, in contact with nature, following and respecting its rhythms. It is with steadfast love and admiration that the family gaze proudly at the ripe fruit, remembering the gentle way grandpa Massimino would caress our faces with the rough, toil-worn hands of a man of the soil”.

The family look to the future, without forgetting their roots. The strength of the vocation keeps the Venturini family constantly in activity. Day after day, it is fed by the desire to give life to a product capable of reflecting what is truest and deepest in the soul of a company that has never forgotten its origins, receiving from them the stimulus to renew itself and respect the old teachings, to grow stronger and better. 

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