Brut Cuvee Saccomani Veneri, Corte Quaiara


This Classic Method sparkler bears the family names of  the grandparents of Giovanni, the wine-maker. He wanted to dedicate it to them and to the great passion that his grandfather Guglielmo Veneri had for Champagne. For this reason, this Cuvée is made up of the two principal grapes used for the great wines of that zone: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It is a sparkling wine that, thanks to the 70 months it spends on its lees, is an expression of love and of patience.

  • Grape variety: Pinot noir 60% and Chardonnay 40%. Territory: Morainic hills.
  • Altitude: 150 – 250 meters above sea level.
  • Vineyard exposure: South-East.
  • Type of soil: Light sandy .
  • Training system: Guyot simple.
  • Average age of vines: 20 years.
  • Planting density: 6000 vines per hectare.
  • Harvest: Early harvest by hand. Separate vinification of the various parts of vineyards. Harvest time: first and second decade of August.
  • Crushing: First and only soft crushing of grapes. Fermentation: At a controlled temperature.
    Aging: 120 months on the lees.
  • Analytical data at disgorgement:
  • Alcohol: 12,50% Vol. Total acidity: 5.67 g/l Residual sugars: 5,8 g/l Ph: 3.24, Dry extract: 26.3 g/l
  • Vintage characteristics: The 2008 vintage will mark the history of Corte Quaiara with its wealth and generosity. 2008 was characterized by a regular vegetative development of vines without accidents, and by grape clusters of considerable size and quantity. The climate was mild for most of the year with a rather cool August, but in the last weeks of ripening, the air from the Lake Garda becomes warm and dry therefore deciding the character of this vintage.
  • Organoleptic properties: Clear and brilliant color, with luminous reflections with golden streaks, it has an intense bouquet of bread crust just taken out from the oven and sun-dried eld herbs.
  • In the mouth it is full, persuasive, with hints of ripe fruit, coffee, almond.
  • The notes of almond and cacao blend gradually with white flowers and dried flowers. The classic scents of ripe fruits complete the whole and a x the seal of full maturity.
  • Obtained from the first and only soft pressing, the slow and prolonged refermentation in the bottle for 120 months has enhanced the uniqueness of this vintage.


“Wines that are out of the ordinary”; that’s how the Corte Quaiara wines are: out-of- the-box!

Some of the grape varieties that Giovanni Montresor- the winemaker- grows are unusual for the production zone in which he happens to be, but here in this area called Moreniche Hills, they benefit from an ideal habitat. Each one of his wines has a precise significance for him; it is the result of a choice that he continues to make, vintage after vintage, and this gives he the courage and enthusiasm to persevere in his work, which – every day – helps he grow, as a man and as a winemaker.

The soil in which his vines sink their roots is of glacial origin. At one time, the whole of this zone was covered in water, which solidified and then melted during the great glaciations that took place several millennia ago. The legacy that the Ice Age has left us is an extremely complex terrain, which is very rich in minerals but rather lacking in nutrients: it is a type of soil that forces the vines to give of their best, and at the same time imbues all of my wines with a marked tanginess, reminiscent of the sea that lay here thousands of years ago.


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