The Christmas box: The Amarone collection & Pandoro cake

This year, make Verona a part of your holiday!

For your Christmas or for a special occasion, give and give yourself a taste of Verona, the land of the glorious Amarone Wine.

Giving a basket with the typical products of the Veronese tradition means making those who receive it happy!

In addiction you will also help local and family-run business, and us! who put all our heart and passion in what we do!



You will receive at home 3 selected AMARONE DOCG IN DIFFERENT VINTAGES: from the young to the old riserva one.

  • 1 Amarone DOCG 2005
  • 1 Amarone DOCG 2017
  • 1 Amarone DOCG new vintage ( 2018-2019-2020)
  • 1 Artisan Pandoro Cake from the MOST HISTORICAL Bakery in Verona “TURCO”: the symbol of Verona! Perfect for your important Christmas parties – soft inside and all natural (no artificial flavors or aromas). 500gr.
  • A personalized giveaway 


  • Euros 330 for USA, INCLUDED DOOR TO DOOR SHIPPING & duties **

  • Euros 280 for EUROPE, INCLUDED DOOR TO DOOR SHIPPINGS & duties **


  • For UK  AND SWITZERLAND: duties are not included. CONTACT US BEFORE


    Not allowed in: Missisipi/Utah/Vermont/South Dakota/ Ireland

    FOR UK AND SWITZERLAND: duties are not included. 


  • The Amarone has a deep young ruby red color; rich aromas of ripe black cherry, paprika and a hint of bitter chocolate. Medium-full with excellent concentration. Very ripe, with distinct brown spice notes. Excellent persistence. This is a wine that will reach its outstanding within 10 years.


  • AMARONE VINTAGE 2005: The Amarone vintage of 2005 is considered to be an exceptional year, showcasing the true artistry and quality of this renowned Italian wine. If you have a bottle of Amarone 2005 in your cellar, consider decanting it for at least an hour before serving to allow the flavors to fully express themselves. Serve it at a slightly cooler room temperature to enhance its aromatic profile and provide a more balanced drinking experience.The Amarone 2005 displays a deep ruby-red color, indicating its richness and intensity. On the nose, you can expect an enticing bouquet of ripe dark fruits, such as blackberries, cherries, and plums, accompanied by hints of dried herbs, spice, and a touch of balsamic. These complex aromas give a glimpse into the wine’s maturity and the harmonious integration of flavors.On the palate, the Amarone 2005 showcases its full-bodied nature and velvety texture. The rich fruit flavors are complemented by notes of chocolate, tobacco, and a pleasant touch of vanilla from oak aging. The wine’s well-structured tannins provide a firm backbone, contributing to its age-worthy character.What sets the Amarone 2005 apart is its exceptional aging potential. While enjoyable now, this vintage has the capability to further evolve and develop over the years. With proper cellaring, the wine will continue to develop secondary and tertiary aromas, enhancing its complexity and depth.
  • PANDORO DI VERONA CAKE: The Pandoro of Verona is a famous Christmas dessert from the city of Verona, located in northern Italy. It is a star-shaped cake with eight points, soft and light, similar to panettone. Its texture is fluffy, and its surface is dusted with powdered sugar. It is traditionally consumed during the holiday season and often served as a dessert after meals. The Pandoro of Verona is known for its deliciousness and artisanal quality, and it is considered a symbol of Italian culinary tradition and excellence.




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