Pinot Gris DOC Garda, Corte Quaiara


  • Grape variety: Pinot Grigio varietal grapes.
  • Territory: Morainic hills.
  • Vintage characteristics: this Pinot Grigio in Amphora is made with 100% Pinot Grigio grapes grown on a hectare and a half of vineyard on a gentle slope in the Morainic Hills. The stones and pebbles deposited by glaciers over the course of millions of years, most recently in the Würm glaciation, have produced a soil from which the vines – planted 20 years ago – transfer a sapid, mineral quality to the grape with a steady undercurrent of ripe fruit.
  • The result is a true one-off , a wine that could only come from this terroir, with its unique soil and a climate tempered by the vicinity to Lake Garda.
  • Organoleptic properties: Intense color with subtle streaks of copper. On the nose, aromas of calycanthus flower, acacia and ripe fruit; on the palate, an intriguing, expansive mouthfeel with persistent minerality and an enveloping, sapid richness on the finish.


“Wines that are out of the ordinary”; that’s how the Corte Quaiara wines are: out-of- the-box!

Some of the grape varieties that Giovanni Montresor- the winemaker- grows are unusual for the production zone in which he happens to be, but here in this area called Moreniche Hills, they benefit from an ideal habitat. Each one of his wines has a precise significance for him; it is the result of a choice that he continues to make, vintage after vintage, and this gives he the courage and enthusiasm to persevere in his work, which – every day – helps he grow, as a man and as a winemaker.

The soil in which his vines sink their roots is of glacial origin. At one time, the whole of this zone was covered in water, which solidified and then melted during the great glaciations that took place several millennia ago. The legacy that the Ice Age has left us is an extremely complex terrain, which is very rich in minerals but rather lacking in nutrients: it is a type of soil that forces the vines to give of their best, and at the same time imbues all of my wines with a marked tanginess, reminiscent of the sea that lay here thousands of years ago.

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