The traditional Christmas Box

This year, make Verona a part of your holiday!

For your Christmas or for a special occasion, give and give yourself a taste of Verona, the land of the glorious Amarone Wine.

Giving a basket with the typical products of the Veronese tradition means making those who receive it happy!

In addition you will also help local and family-run business, and us! who put all our heart and passion in what we do!

Perfect for the foodie in your life, your own holiday celebration, or both!


You will receive at home:

  • 1 Artisan Panettone Cake from our Bakery in Verona: the symbol of Verona! Perfect for your important Christmas parties – soft inside and all natural (no artificial flavors or aromas). Honey sweetness with raisins and citrus freshness from candied oranges. 750gr.
  • 1 Amarone DOCG 2016
  • 1 Valpolicella RIPASSO DOC
  • 1 Prosecco DOC Valdobbiadene, Baraldi family
  • 1 Balsamic Vinegar P.G.I. 8 years old, “Famiglia Sereni”


  • For ITALY and shipping , CONTACT US BEFORE
  • Euros 255 for USA, INCLUDED DOOR TO DOOR SHIPPING & duties**
  • Euros 200 for EUROPE, INCLUDED DOOR TO DOOR SHIPPINGS & duties **


    Not allowed in: Missisipi/Utah/Vermont/South Dakota/Ireland

    FOR UK AND SWITZERLAND: duties are not included. 


  • The Amarone 2016 has a deep young ruby red color; rich aromas of ripe black cherry, paprika and a hint of bitter chocolate. Medium-full with excellent concentration. Very ripe, with distinct brown spice notes. Excellent persistence. This is a wine that will reach its outstanding within 10 years.

Vintage 2016 is been elected together with the 2015, one of the BEST VINTAGES ever.

  • Prosecco DOC Baraldi Family: only 1000 bottles produced of this fine prosecco DOC, low sugar.
  • Panettone cake from Scarpato pasticceria: their four-dough leavened products born from the tradition of fine Veronese pastry, characterized by a unique softness and development, after a wait of 72 hours.
  • Valpolicella “ripasso” DOC. The Ripasso wine is the most popular and drank wine in Verona and many Italian regions. After the soft pressing of the grapes and the fermentation in steel tanks, the wine re-ferments (this is why “ripasso”) on the fresh pomace left over from the just-completed Amarone fermentation in order to gain even more color and complexity. The wine re-finds for about 12 months in 50hl oak barrels to gain more body and complexity in savors. The typical color is deep ruby color. The ripasso has a very intense bouquet: Aromas of peach, ripe fruits and spices like cinnamon. In terms of flavor, It combines the features of the drying typical of Amarone and the easy pleasant drinking of Valpolicella. Fine, elegant, round and persistent.
  • Balsamic Vinegar 8 y.old ” Famiglia Sereni”: obtained from the maturing in oak barrels of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape must cooked over direct heat and aged wine vinegars. The mixture remains for long time in oak barrels, boosting all its aromas. A fresh product with balance is therefore obtained, suitable for everyday use.

Acetaia Sereni is a leader in the production of traditional balsamic vinegar. They began their family-run business in the early 2oth century.


  • Scriani winery
  • Bonazzi winery
  • Venturini winery
  • Franchini winery
  • Vigna ‘800 winery
  • Clementi winery
  • Baraldi family
  • Speri winery
  • Zymé winery
  • Kyrenia winery by Celestino Gaspari
  • Fattori winery
  • Ilatium winery
  • Fasoli winery
  • Ugolini winery
  • Corte Quaiara winery
  • Camporeali winery
  • Quintarelli winery



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