WINTER food and wine tour with Amarone!

2 October 2018 - News

We absolutely LOVE winter Tours!  Chillier temps make the perfect weather to enjoy delicious, historic local experiences in Verona, the city of love.. romeo and juliet..

The City is a bit more quiet, and there is nothing like walking, eating and sipping – a great way to warm up and rev the metabolism/stretch the legs.   So grab your favorite scarf and winter mittens and your friend or loved ones and book your spots today!

This is a must-do local experience in Verona!

A pleasant gastronomic walk through the streets of the historic center of Verona with delicious  gourmet stops with plenty to eat along the way.  During the tour you will taste typical Veronese dishes inside warm and cozy places: classic cheese and cold cut appetizers;  Parmiggiano with balsamic  vinaigrette; freshly made  bigoli, to end with the glorious AMARONE paired with high quality dark chocolate and a local crunchy cake..

Winter food and wine walking tour with Amarone!

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