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About us

There is no world without the Verona walls.
But purgatory, torture, hell itself. 
Hence banished is banished from the world,
And the world’s exile is death. William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, act 3°, scene 3th

Verona: the city of romance where Shakespeare’s Romeo declared his undying love for Juliette.
Once a military stronghold for the Roman Empire, you can marvel at Verona’s abundantly rich collection of Roman monuments from antiquity, medieval and Renaissance periods.


Romeo and Juliet Guide acts as your personal local guide for luxury travel experiences in Italy. Two passionate Veronese ladies will be happy to carry you through unique experiences, discovering what the “made in Italy” means.

Our Philosophy

Immerse yourself in the local culture. Experience the destination like a local! With us you will live our territory with passion and enthusiasm, and at least for one day you will feel Italian! We are the answer to enjoy the very best life has to offer.


We offer travel planning services and custom-designed experiences. We are here to inspire you to travel the way you imagine it in your dreams. Our services are a gateway to the local lifestyle, totally adapted to your needs.


Discovering Verona and the surroundings with us means living authentic and exciting experiences, not as a simple spectator, but as an active protagonist. We customize luxury travel, events and unique experiences.

Our Team

We are definitely not a traditional “travel agency”. Our team is made up of professional travel designers and it’s committed to ensuring our client’s needs are always the main focus. Two passionate Veronese girls will be happy to carry you through an unusual Verona experience. So… let us share our ‘fair Verona’ with you as part of your experience in Italy… we promise the every-day stress will slip away as you enjoy a well-deserved day of pampering!!


Event planner Coordinator and Tour leader

I was born in the cosy city of Verona and I graduated in Languages and Communications. Thanks to a wonderful experience in London, I gained great knowledge in the hospitality field. To be a tour leader allows me to combine two of the things I love most: the food and wine culture of the city where I live, ant the opportunity to know new people. I will lead you through the lanes of the city to discover places hanging out by the Veronese. What is important to me is to let my guests understanding the real essence of a place: its' rites and traditions..and for at least one day you will feel Italian!


Sommelier and tour Leader

My name is Sara Valitutto, I’m a sommelier and a wine expert from Verona with a 7-year experience in the hospitality and wine business. I will be your personal guide. I will take you through Verona’s historical centre and help you discover its stunning views and tiny shops. You will actively take part in the lifestyle, food and wine culture; you will sip some delicious local wine at the best Osterias (local Wine Bars). Oops, I’m already revealing too much, as usual... I can’t wait to meet you and take you to all my favourite places in town.

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