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Verona, Italy is many things. For us, it is home.

Verona: The city of romance.

Here, Shakespeare’s Romeo declared his undying love for Juliet. Take a journey with us that captures the history of the world’s most adored star-crossed lovers – from the popular Balcony of Juliet to buildings owned by the real-life Capulet and Montague families.

There is no world without Verona walls,

But purgatory, torture, hell itself.

Hence banished is banish’d from the world,

And world’s exile is death. 

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, act 3, scene 3.

A cultural crossroads.

Once a military stronghold for the Roman Empire, a visit to Verona takes you through a city rich in history with Roman monuments from antiquity as well as medieval and Renaissance periods. Verona’s rich artistic heritage includes the opera in the ancient Arena, built by the Romans.

The third largest city in northeast Italy, Verona is a primary tourist destination with a much to discover in the surrounding areas. It is also well situated geographically to make an ideal home base for travel in Verona and beyond.

A small sampling of day trips from Verona or other unforgettable experiences in Italy includes Venice, Milan, Bologna, Lake Garda, and many more.

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Use Romeo and Juliet Guide for all your travel experiences in Italy. We are two passionate Veronese ladies who show visitors the true meaning of made in Italy. From Verona travel planning services to custom itineraries, we create unforgettable experiences in Italy that exceed your wildest dreams.

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Travel Verona and its surroundings with us to gain intimate access to the local lifestyle; we adapt all our programs and activities to your needs and interests.

Connect with locals. With different cultures. With the heartbeat of our city.

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We are not a traditional travel agency, but a team of professional experience designers with expertise in local wines and food.

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Our commitment to you: Your needs and interest are always our main focus.

No mass tourism, but trips where you can truly connect.

Your local Verona travel guide

We are not a traditional travel agency,  but two local Veronese with the experience and passion to show you our city and its surroundings. With us, you experience Italy like a local.

We are committed to making your needs and interests our main focus. Let us share our ‘fair Verona’ with you. We take away everyday stress so you enjoy every aspect of your experience in Italy.

We are honored to be your Verona Tour Designer…

Virginia Event planner Coordinator and Tour leader

I was born in the cosy city of Verona and I graduated in Languages and Communications. Thanks to a wonderful experience in London, I gained great knowledge in the hospitality field. To be a tour leader allows me to combine two of the things I love most: the food and wine culture of the city where I live, ant the opportunity to know new people. I will lead you through the lanes of the city to discover places hanging out by the Veronese. What is important to me is to let my guests understanding the real essence of a place: its’ rites and traditions…and for at least one day you will feel Italian!

Sara Sommelier and tour Leader

My name is Sara Valitutto, I’m a sommelier and a wine expert from Verona with a 7-year experience in the hospitality and wine business. I will be your personal guide. I will take you through Verona’s historical centre and help you discover its stunning views and tiny shops. You will actively take part in the lifestyle, food and wine culture; you will sip some delicious local wine at the best Osterias (local Wine Bars). Oops, I’m already revealing too much, as usual… I can’t wait to meet you and take you to all my favourite places in town.

Verona walking tour discovering its hidden gems

a group of people standing in front of a window

Our walking tour of Verona starts in Piazza Bra, to be precise at “The Portoni del Brà archway” where you can see a portion of the original medieval city wall … This square is one of the largest squares of Europe! The term “bra” comes from a german word “breit”= open space/large space. Our first…

Coronavirus Verona Update: The Nation-Wide Lockdown

Sara and Virginia from Romeo and Juliet Guide travel agency standing in front of the Arena

Buongiorno from a lockdown Verona today March 9th. The very hard decision to lockdown the entire country has been taken yesterday night around 9.30 pm by a very touched President Conte. The situation was already quite serious in a big area of Northern Italy where such measures were already applied since the first cases in…

Verona’s most famous love stories

verona's most famous love stories

We all take as granted that Sir William Shakespeare was the first great artist in 1595 to write and publish the biggest (and maybe the shortest too) love story in the world about the young and beautiful Giulietta Cappelletti (translated in Capuleti/Capulet by Shakespeare himself) and the coolest heartbreaker ever Romeo Montecchi. This is what…