Romantic Treasure hunt on the trail of Giulietta, discovering Verona

29 January 2018 - News

Organize such a unique experience with our  romantic “Treasure Hunt” in Verona Historical Centre. We will start from the main square- piazza Bra- with a presentation of the city and the play , but the purpose of the tour will be looking for GIULIETTA, a kind girl with a wild skirt of tulle and a lovely balloon, who will drive your through the hidden parts of the city, discovering the main romantic venues “must-see”.

The treasure is composed by some Romantic Cultural stops mixed with some gourmet stops and a final toast in a very exclusive and romantic venue surrounded by roman ruins..

For every step we will give you a little present.. until the final step where GIULIETTA will ask you to enter in her “locanda” ( a kind of typical restaurant”) to visit the old roman city and its ruins.. and this will be the final place where you could also ask her hand or.. just make a toast to your love!

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