Russian girls having fun in Verona!

19 October 2017 - News

Because “Girls just wanna have fun” 🎤🎉🍾Girls party in Verona with our good friend and blogger 🤳@milaulchenko who will take 13 Russian girls to Verona to enjoy our Wine 🍷 and Food 🥘 tour 👣

In November our Russian friends will visit our beautiful city Verona! We will start our experience discovering hidden venues of the roman city, while tasting some good Valpolicella wine all together. We will make a food tour through the main streets of Verona, browning around up and down the glorious bridges of the city centre.

This will be an opportunity to discover in a unusual way our lands, Veronese traditions, it’s medieval and roman monuments and it’s secrets venues, mixing artistic culture with eno-gastronomic traditions.


A great event organized with our blogger and friend Mila, and a great team for an unforgettable day!



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