19 March 2018

Wine and cook

COOKING CLASS IN VALPOLICELLA, LEARNING THE TERRITORY The first seasonal appointment of the cooking class in Valpolicella will be on next Saturday 21st of April in the suggestive Villa Serego Alighieri, a famous family property belonging to Dante’s dynasty. A full immersion experience is promised in this beautiful scenery while spending the whole evening in […]

Terrace with Arena view

13 March 2018

Foodie walking tour: Verona by the locals

Today it’s all about Italian food and excellent wine.. No one will argue with the fact that food in Italy is out of this world. Well-made, rich in taste and texture and guaranteed to leave you hungry for more, there’s nothing quite like Italian cuisine. There’s a detailed, fascinating tapestry of history, customs and trends […]

12 March 2018

7 things to do in Verona: Romeo and Juliet City

A great thank you to our great fun and new friend Valerie Quintanilla, https://girlsgottadrink.com she really did an amazing job. We spent one amazing day with her and her husband, discovering the local part of Verona city center.. tasting local products and admiring the landscape from private rooftops while sipping a good glass of red […]

7 March 2018

Italian tours: discover Verona, Romeo and Juliet city!

If you are planning your next holiday, Italian tours should be your next choice. Let us introduce you to the exclusive and picturesque way to explore our beloved lands. Romeo and Juliet Guide will be your personal local guide to discover what “Made in Italy” really means. The city of Verona and its surroundings like […]

5 March 2018

What to do, where to go and what to eat in our lovely Verona city

Looking for things to do in Verona? Here a few ideas to get you started. Verona is a popular location for a lot of international events, so in terms of availability and prices, lodging can seem irregular to the would-be traveler. It is useful know some of the main events that can affect your Verona […]

29 January 2018

Romantic Treasure hunt on the trail of Giulietta, discovering Verona

Organize such a unique experience with our  romantic “Treasure Hunt” in Verona Historical Centre. We will start from the main square- piazza Bra- with a presentation of the city and the play , but the purpose of the tour will be looking for GIULIETTA, a kind girl with a wild skirt of tulle and a lovely […]

28 January 2018

Welcome Amarone 2014!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very pleased to announce our newborn in Valpolicella – Verona, the Amarone wine vintage 2014 that will be officially introduced to the public next Sunday and Monday 4th and 5th February during the so called “Anteprima Amarone 2014” (litterally “The Amarone Preview”) taking place in Gran Guardia Palace located in […]

25 January 2018

What to do in Verona: live the city like a local, feel local and enjoy your holiday with a private food tour!

Open your eyes on the lively Piazza Brà, of eighteenth-century imprint, with its irregular design, in which the mixture of different styles and eras, give the space a disarming charm. On the left a semicircle extends a colorful and picturesque series of houses, distributed on the Liston, the elegant avenue of the promenade, while the […]

23 January 2018

Bespoke local tours in Verona and around

Romeoandjulietguide acts as Your local guide based in Verona, operating also in the surrounding beautiful area: Lake Garda, Valpolicella and Venice. We offer exclusive incoming services and hi-end custom-designed experiences especially infood and wine field as well as luxury tours with helicopter or Ferrari. Our services are a gateway to local lifestyle, completely adapted to our clients […]

22 January 2018

Experience the Valpolicella land

If you come to visit Verona you cannot miss the eno-gastronomic journey into the valley of wine: la Valpolicella. This area, mainly agricultural land, is spread over 240 Km on the north-west side of Verona, bounded by Venezian Pre-Alps, river Adige on the south and Valdadige on the west side. The famous villages of Valpolicella […]

Ferrari Experience into the vineyards

8 January 2018

Amazing Ferrari drive experience into the vineyards

Experience a real “testa rossa”, the California Ferrari is waiting for you.. During this amazing Ferrari VIP day Experience you will be able to combine the test drive of a California Ferrari along with a series of unforgettable experiences that you need to do in Verona. You will drive through the amazing vineyards of the Valpolicella land, […]

12 December 2017

Verona during Winter time

To be fair, Verona anytime is fantastic. It’s like a kind of ‘Diet Rome‘; where history is written in the streets, and the sense you get of how the city has evolved through the ages is palpable – but compared to Rome’s magnificence, it’s cosy, small enough to navigate on foot, and you’ll feel like you’ve […]

13 November 2017

Amazing interview about Romeo and Juliet Guide..

Today our Russian blogger and friend MILA, interviewed Romeoandjulietguide… read and come to discover our beautiful lands: emotional tours in Verona, Valpolicella, Lake Garda and Venice.. come to see how to combine food with wine, learn with us to cook Italian dishes… pasta Fresca, gnocchi and the glorious tiramisu.. What we offer is a local […]

26 October 2017

the promise night in Shakespeare’s city..

Close your eyes and relax. Imagine the best day of your life when the moon and stars rejoice, when your heart beats so loud you can hear it and feel it inside and out; waiting for a dream-like fantasy when you hear a love song on a balcony, then open your eyes… I took you […]

19 October 2017

Russian girls having fun in Verona!

Because “Girls just wanna have fun” 🎤🎉🍾Girls party in Verona with our good friend and blogger 🤳@milaulchenko who will take 13 Russian girls to Verona to enjoy our Wine 🍷 and Food 🥘 tour 👣 In November our Russian friends will visit our beautiful city Verona! We will start our experience discovering hidden venues of the roman city, while tasting some good […]

29 September 2017

Marmomacc in Verona!!!

The Marmomacc will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, 27. September to Saturday, 30. September 2017 in Verona.. The Marmomacc exhibition is the leading international event in the stone and design sector and the essential appointment for all producers, designers and decision makers seeking success in an increasingly specialist. A major showcase will highlight […]

27 September 2017

The real recipe of risotto with Amarone

Autumn is at the doors and we would like to share with you our new entry dish… the famous “risotto with Amarone” Enjoy with us our winter cooking class experience and let’s start to prepare it! Buon appetito !! Contact us for more info hello@romeoandjulietguide.com is one of the most delicious dishes of Verona culinary […]

21 September 2017

Cooking class experience in Verona

“Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat.” Experience our cooking class, our chef will guide you in preparing a completeItalian and Veneto meal while learning the techniques of […]

1 September 2017

Unconventional bachelorette party!!! Unique ideas for a great experience!

Bachelorette 👰 Party in Verona? Book your cooking class experience with rich wine tasting 🍷 and overnight stay in a Country Villa in Valpolicella with your girlfriends! 👯👯 For more info, please contact 📩 hello@romeoandjulietguide.com

Verona Tour with E-Bike and lunch

17 July 2017

Lovely Valpolicella Verona bike tour

Many thanks to our lovely uk guys. we had a great Sunday together. we started our experience in Valpolicella land with Fabio Boeti, our bike expert. pedal for about 40 km up and down beautiful hills, discovering hidden venues up to Verona, our magic city. And then let0s start discovering the old history of the […]

30 June 2017

Amazing Verona food & wine tour by Segway

Let’s visit the beautiful Verona city centre by Segway; drink and eat like a local, feel like a “veronese”, discover local flavors, tasting local wines as the glorious Amarone  and Prosecco wine! Enjoy a 4 hours tour with your personal local guide. Customize your travel and experience the city in a different way!

29 June 2017

How to achieve Piazza Bra- Arena of Verona: info

Numerous traces of Verona’s long history are to be found in the old part of its city centre. The centre and neighbouring areas can be easily visited on foot. Piazza Bra is dominated by the impressive Roman Arena, built in 1 BC, and one of the most important well preserved Roman amphitheatres. During the summer season, the […]

16 June 2017

Romeoandjulietguide on the local press!

Congratulations Romeoandjulietguide! Your local guide for food and wine lovers and for all people wishing to share their love in our beautiful lands! We are happy that even during election days here in Verona, our local newspaper found time to write about our unconventional tour in our beautiful City and surroundings. Deeply hoping some of […]

7 June 2017

Pizza Lab cooking class

Amazing Saturday morning with our American friends! We really had a great time! Our chef Paolo share with us its magic ingredients to prepare the perfect Italian pizza!

2 June 2017

Wine trip through 3 exclusive wineries, with lunch in a wonderful Bistrot

Today in Verona sun is shining, what a perfect day to make a tour with friends!

30 May 2017

Amazing food and wine walking tour discovering Verona

Today we just had an Amazing food and wine walking tour, discovering local flavors! many thanks to our Irish guys! we really spent some great time! Enjoy your Veronese local life! and “cin cin”! it’s always time to have a good glass of Prosecco!

3 May 2017

“La Rosetta” returns to Piazza Erbe

No, it’s not the old lady walking around the most beautiful and beloved square in Verona, but the authentic and traditional snack used by grandmothers and great-grandmothers to rejoice the palate of the youngest ones – and not only!